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1,202Kate Kenny
1,201Des GarganI think the whole process of undermining academic identity and the force for the marketistation of an education 'service' has undermined the standard nd quality of academic work. There is a growing depnedancy on the provate sector with the subsequent growth in fixed term and short term contracts that may b e filled by individuals who are trying to develop an income as opposed to a career.
1,200Pascale Perreau
1,199Isabelle Soudry
1,198Susanna NocchiI've only come across this petition today. Please, if still active, do send updates (and THANK YOU for setting this up)
1,197Jesús UrdaThanks. As a Third level teacher and educator I could not agree more.
1,196Lisa O'Quinn
1,195Catriona O'Toole
1,194Nigel VaheyIn a society that ignores and increasingly constrains those who seek (scientific) wisdom we will ultimately undermine innovation and thus capitalism.
1,193Frank JonesI support the campaign in the knowledge that secure employment for those involved in Universties will be a benefit to all in society.
1,192Eilís WardI am delighted to hear of this initiative and hope it goes from strength to strength
1,191Chris Barry
1,190Áine Nic Niallais
1,189Kevin JenningsGlad to associate with unions and individuals supporting sensible principles written in plain language. Bail ó Dhia ar an obair!
1,188Angela FlynnWe need solidarity to fight this disgraceful situation.
1,187stephen murphy
1,186Adekunle Tinuoyesolidarity forever, victoria ascerta
1,185Paul DowdingThoroughly agree with all the principles set out in the statement
1,184David McConnellThe universities had a leading role in creating modern Ireland. They can only play a leading role in its recovery if they are valued.
1,183Wessel Reijers
1,182Ricardo Segurado
1,181Siddhartha SenI fully support the idea of the role of a University outlined.
1,180Patrick GrahamKeep working hard!
1,179Brigitte FrancoisTreat teachers, lecturers and professors with respect, and cut the red tape.
1,178Mick Canavan
1,177Willie WhiteDept Heads, lecturers and staff in academic settings are being stretched to the max in many institutions. This is pulling them away from their students and research who need them the most. Protect the hours staff work and the funding for their Depts.
1,176Lorraine Leeson
1,175Pádraig Carmody
1,174David Taylor
1,173Patricia Frazer
1,172Jonathan Murphy
1,171stephen tierney
1,170Andrew Tierney
1,169paula gilligancardinal newman rules..defend the idea
1,168Terrence McDonough
1,167Michael Heurich
1,166John Barry Lowe
1,165Iseult Honohan
1,164Tino BroemmeYou're not alone with this petition, students and academics in various countries engage in saving education as a public good, in France for instance. As a journalist and editor concerned with European higher education policy, I propose you intensify your press work. With we would be glad to support you. With pleasure we'd refer to you on our webiste and newsletter. TB (
1,163Mark PriceI fully support this campaign, and would like to become more actively involved. Sorry I missed the recent stunt outside TCD. Let me know about future actions.
1,162Evelyn Vovou
1,161Suzanne Egan
1,160Tim Kelly
1,159tom mcmullonall universities deserve as much funding as required to ensure our countries future that we get the best
1,158Lisa CotterMany of the concerns in this document can also be applied to the Further Education sector...
1,157Muireann Ní BhrolcháinI completely agree to this petition. There is an increasing move to privatize and to downgrade academia. We are in serious crisis
1,156Pauline Cullen
1,155Brian Dolan
1,154Paul Burgess
1,153Tracey Ní Mhaonaigh